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Residential Shredding Service

Residential shredding service company based in Boston MA and serving Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire since 2007. We specialize in Medical and Personal document shredding services. We have developed shredding service plans that are proven over the years to be cost effective yet compliant with the most stringent State And Federal Privacy Laws. Unlike Shredit, Cintas and Office Supplies stores, our service offers the strongest Chain of custody and the lowest rates.

Residential Shredding Service Features

When it comes to the shredding of your personal documents, you will have dozens of choices but you will soon discover how expensive the service can be when you call some of our competitors. They will do their best to lure you in with a low rate and hit you with a boatload of hidden fees and charges that can make your estimate balloon in a second! Others are featuring fancy website just to collect your data and resell it to the shredding companies in the area. So here is why you should trust us like others did for over a decade:

Why Hire Us

Residential document shredding service

Document Shredding Service Plans

Your home office can hold years or even decades of compiled and obsolete financial and personal records and outdated medical files. Though these may seem inconsequential and easy to discard in your municipal recycling bin, you must think twice before doing so! Any documents that have your personal data can create security risks and should be disposed of very carefully. Luckily for you, Neighborhood Parcel offers the secure, confidential document shredding services you need and at a fraction of the cost others charge.

Our professional, specially-trained professionals have been meeting the document disposal needs of residents and businesses in Massachusetts New Hampshire and the Boston Metro area for over a decade.  Companies and residents have different needs when it comes to shredding and media destruction, that is why we perfected our menu of services to include: Drop-Off Service, Off-Site Pick Up Service, Witnessed Shredding and Monthly Service Plans. To get started, please call us today at (978)636-0301 or Request A Free Shredding Quote


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