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Dare To Compare

When it comes to Document shredding service or any media destruction, you will be facing a major decision. Who should you trust and hire to safely remove, shred and recycle your sensitive documents and materials? There are hundreds of websites promising the same thing: Security for the lowest rates. But you know very well that any Dick & Harry can create a website and tell you everything you want to hear.  So before you jump into sending your contact details for their “Lowest Shredding Rates” keep in mind:

Not All Shredding Services Are The Same

  • Multiple Websites posing as shredding companies are actually Data Farms. They collect your data and resell it to actual shredding service companies.
  • Not every business is local! Try to support your local business companies.
  • Not every shredding service is the same. The lowest rates do not mean the most secure service. Some “shredding” companies are actually paper recycling mills. Your paper will not be shredded.
  • $5 /Box can turn into $12 /Box are a split of a second! Pay attention to the fine print!
  • Get The Shredding Rate Quotes in writing and never sign a contract without reading it!

Residential Document Shredding Location Tewksbury MA

How Do We Compare To Shred-it & Iron Mountain

FEATURESShred-itStaplesOur Company
Shredding Fees$1.30 /Lbs.$1.20 /Lbs.$0.89 /Lbs.
Locally OwnedNONOYES
Hidden FeesYESNONO
Notarized Certificate Of DestructionNONOYES
Employee Cori CheckedYESNOYES

When HIPAA compliance is on the line, it is important to find a reliable shredding service you can trust with your sensitive documents, medical and billing records. Most of the services we reviewed are NAID compliant, so each company ensures your documents are destroyed according to HIPAA, FACTA, GLA or GSA policies. Our best shredding service provider for Boston MA area and Southern New Hampshire offers additional destruction services for media, hard drives, and fabric in addition to paper, though it costs extra.

Jeff Santino

I went with my pickup truck fully loaded to Staples and Shredit without success. Staples was forcing me to load my boxes into a locked bin and feed them 5-pages at a time, Shredit location was posted as open and when I went there, they were closed and nobody in sight! This location, simply put, was exactly as advertised. They helped me offload the boxes and my Certificate Of Destruction arrived in 24 Hrs.

Neighborhood Parcel shredding service has a minimum of a Level 4 shred size, meaning that anything other than classified government documents can be safely shredded small enough to be unable to piece back together. All the shredding services also 100% recycled providing an extra level of security and being environmentally friendly.


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