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Drop-Off Shredding Service

Witnessed Shredding Company

How To Drop Off Your Old Documents For shredding service in Boston MA, Cambridge MA, Waltham MA, Lowell MA, Tewksbury MA, Newton MA, Worcester MA. Drop off shredding location details and our transparent shredding rates can be found here.

We specialize in medical, financial, and personal document shredding services in the Boston MA and Southern New Hampshire Areas. With a decade of experience in media destruction, we can help you shred your old documents, X-rays, and Medical records safely and at the lowest cost! Avoid transportation charges and Mobile shredding, drop off your documents and save up to 80% off your Mobile shredding rates!

Drop-off Shredding Service Features

  • Avoid Fuel and transportation charges, this can be up to 30% off your invoice.
  • Save your time: Avoid wasting time waiting for a shredding truck to show up at your location.
  • Avoid the annoying shredding noise and disturbing your neighbors. Most landlords prohibit shredding trucks on their promises due to noise and the mess they leave behind.
  • Save Money! This is sweet when you can keep some of your hard-earned cash in your pocket!
  • No Minimums, No Contracts, and No Appointments!
  • Convenient Drop-Off location.
  • 7 Days A Week Service (*) Restriction apply

Witnessed Shredding Service

You asked for it, now we offer it! Schedule an appointment to drop-off your documents and watch them being shredded in front of you in real-time. Witnessed shredding service offers tremendous peace of mind knowing that all your personal information got shredded and kept away from the wrong hands.

With low flat rates starting at $1.69 /Lbs, you cannot afford to take the risk of having your confidential records, bank statements, tax records, and medical files fall into the wrong hands. Our industrial shredder can handle up to 400 Lbs /hr and so your old documents can turn into dust in no time! As you have expected, our company offers 100% recycling of all shredded paper and a certificate of destruction to document the service and chain of custody. To get started, please call (978)636-0301 or Book your Witnessed Shredding Service Here.

Our Secure Drop-Off Location Near You


We treat your documents like ours! From the moment we collect them to the final destruction, security is a priority every step of the way!


Published by bostonshreddingcompany

I love to help Boston MA area residents and businesses regain their office and storage spaces. Nothing like the sound of an industrial shredder shredding piles of personal documents, X-rays and Old financial statement into bits! I will help you book your service job, you can either drop-off at our office in Tewksbury MA or schedule our shredding truck to come to your home or office! We have some of the lowest shredding rates in the Boston, Lowell, Waltham and Wilmington MA area. Shredding Service Rates from 89 Cents /Lbs.

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