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Office Paper Shredders Are Useless!

shredded Paper Bin

If your office paper shredder is driving you crazy or just simply can not stand the constant jamming and the noise then you should consider having a shredding service company handle your document destruction. At Neighborhood Parcel Document Shredding division, we strive to offer a balanced service portfolio that offers security and value for your money.


Office Paper Shredders Are Unproductive

By the time you add up the true cost of shredding your old documents in-house, you will find out that you are wasting your valuable in front of a slow paper shredder in addition to the cost of the actual shredder and the loss of employee productivity. The office shredders are designed for low quantity and often end up taking up more valuable office space and absorbing your time. They will often overheat, cause excessive noise and create a dusty environment for your employees.

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Published by bostonshreddingcompany

I love to help Boston MA area residents and businesses regain their office and storage spaces. Nothing like the sound of an industrial shredder shredding piles of personal documents, X-rays and Old financial statement into bits! I will help you book your service job, you can either drop-off at our office in Tewksbury MA or schedule our shredding truck to come to your home or office! We have some of the lowest shredding rates in the Boston, Lowell, Waltham and Wilmington MA area. Shredding Service Rates from 89 Cents /Lbs.

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