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3 Things Your Personal Shredder Won’t Do

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If you are like me and have been relying on your office personal shredder to destroy your old records and protect your identity, then you must know how time absorbing this task can be. In addition to the noise and the constant blood boiling paper jams! So when I heard that there are commercial companies in my Boston MA neighborhood, I was relieved! Now, I can pay a professional company to destroy my old files and computer media for a fraction of the cost of the personal shredder. Better yet, I don’t have to waste my Saturday afternoons in front of the shredder.


Here are 3 Things That My Personal Shredder Won’t Do:

  1. Validate HIPAA Compliance: Unless you use a third party to shred your old documents and get valid Certificate of destruction, a personal shredder will not provide you with proof of destruction. This can prove to be costly in case of audit or data breach investigation. HIPAA fines usually start at $4,000 per violation.
  2. Cost Savings: You may think that you are saving money by buying a cheap office shredder at the local office supply store; but when you add up the wasted time and labor cost, you will soon realize that hiring a shredding company is the better option. With rates from 89¢ / Lbs, No Minimums, and No contracts, you can not go wrong!
  3. Time Savings: Personal shredders that promise to shred up to 50 pages per feed can be very deceiving because you will soon find out that you are lucky to get away with 20-page feed at a time. If you decide to test the machine, you will soon find out that the motor overheats fast and that the paper jams will slow you down. These units are designed for light use and for shred as you go models.

Retire Your Shredder

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So why waste your time with a personal shredder when you can get professional grade shredding service that is HIPAA and MA Privacy Law complaint and for a fraction of the cost of a shredder. Using Neighborhood Parcel Shredding service is proven to be a life-saver and here is why:

  • Neighborhood Parcel is locally owned and operated since 2007
  • Proud A+ Rating With the Boston BBB
  • AAA Rating with the Boston North Business Association.
  • A+ Certified Shredding plant that meets and exceeds HIPAA and Federal Privacy law requirements.
  • Lowest Document Shredding rates in the area.

Why Choose Neighborhood Parcel For Shredding Services?

Your Trust Is Our Biggest Asset. You Can Trust Us Through The Entire Process. Here are our 5 T’s:

  1. Trust our staff: We are a locally owned and operated family business founded in 2007.
  2. Trust our process – We have the strongest chain of custody for your sensitive material from the time we pick up to the final disposal.
  3. Trust our compliance – We offer an unmatched and Notarized Certificates of Destruction for your HIPAA, FACTA, or Gramm/Leach/Bliley compliance records.
  4. Trust our reliability – We guarantee that our drivers will arrive on your scheduled date or your service is free. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed!
  5. Trust our pricing – Our pricing is simple, fair, and straightforward with no surcharges and no surprises. Take a look at our shredding rates that we posted for all to see! Call us today (978)636-0301



Published by bostonshreddingcompany

I love to help Boston MA area residents and businesses regain their office and storage spaces. Nothing like the sound of an industrial shredder shredding piles of personal documents, X-rays and Old financial statement into bits! I will help you book your service job, you can either drop-off at our office in Tewksbury MA or schedule our shredding truck to come to your home or office! We have some of the lowest shredding rates in the Boston, Lowell, Waltham and Wilmington MA area. Shredding Service Rates from 89 Cents /Lbs.

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