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I Hate My Personal Office Shredder


My Love-hate relationship with my personal office shredder started a while back while I was working at Medical Firm in Boston MA. As the junior rep, I was always assigned to shred medical records and patient’s files. The office manager thought that having us shred documents and X-rays were saving the practice money, but she was wrong!

I would have my morning Dunkin Donut coffee and head the copier room where the shredder was located, I will have to be super patient mostly when the shredder starts to jam for no reason. This so-called professional Shredder supposedly can handle 20-25 pages at a time but never verified that it could. It will either overheat or jam even when I put 5-10 pages through. After spending hours massaging it, I often end up getting behind on my own work so last week, after getting yelled at! I decided to do some research and see how much my office manager was actually saving.

Cheapest Shredding service Boston MA

Our Office Shredder Was A Nightmare

The office shredder was my nightmare and needed to go fast! So all I have to do is show my boss that:

  • I was spending, wasting valuable time in front of the shredder instead of doing my job.
  • The office was wasting payroll dollars on my task.
  • Office staff often complained about the noise and the dust.
  • The documents in the copier room were not 100% secure due to unlimited access to other staff members.
  • The shredded paper was not 100% recycled.

The New Way To Shred Your Personal Documents

I was on a mission! So I started to call the local paper shredding service companies and Neighborhood Parcel seemed to be the cheapest and the most reliable way to take care of our shredding service needs: They have prices posted online, they were transparent in their fees and was easy for me to build my case. I estimated that we shred 10 Boxes a month, something that takes me 20 Hrs to do throughout the month. The cost to shred these 10 Boxes was under $200.00! I shared this with my boss who thought I was the office hero of the month! We hired Neighborhood Parcel and I am pleased that after 6 Month of use, the prices are always exactly what we expect and that every office manager should be open-minded in leaving the shredding to the pros! It is not always cheaper to shred your own office documents, HIPAA often likes to have a verified third-party conduct the shredding so this switch for us was obvious. Personal office shredders are designed for small jobs, one or 2 pages per pass, but for larger quantity, call a shredding company like neighborhood Parcel.

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Published by bostonshreddingcompany

I love to help Boston MA area residents and businesses regain their office and storage spaces. Nothing like the sound of an industrial shredder shredding piles of personal documents, X-rays and Old financial statement into bits! I will help you book your service job, you can either drop-off at our office in Tewksbury MA or schedule our shredding truck to come to your home or office! We have some of the lowest shredding rates in the Boston, Lowell, Waltham and Wilmington MA area. Shredding Service Rates from 89 Cents /Lbs.

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