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Waltham MA Shredding Service Location

Shredders are obsolete these days! Why would you want to spend hours in front of your shredders if you can have a professional do the service for a lot less than operating your small office shredder? Waltham, here is your solution: Call Neighborhood Parcel, the company has been proudly serving the Waltham MA area since 2007.  The Shredding service has been trusted by area residents and businesses for over a decade. The company is also known for its toughest Chain Of Custody and Lowest Shredding Rates. They can shred your documents for as low as 89¢ /Lbs, with no minimums and no hidden fees. Neighborhood Parcel Media Destruction is providing a convenient option for document shredding services in Waltham MA and the greater Boston area, our convenient drop-off shredding location can be found minutes from the City Of Waltham MA. After simply dropping your documents off in the locked shredding bins, they are securely stored until they get shredded at end of the day.

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Personal Shredding Service Near Waltham MA

Document Shredding Services including Drop-Off plans are truly as simple as they sound. Our company service requires no appointment, and have no minimums. All it takes is simply walking in and paying the 89¢ / pound. We help you offload your material and we store everything in our locked bins and under 24Hrs Video Surveillance. You'll get surefire protection for identity theft, your shredded materials including medical files and X-rays will be 100% recycled. But best of all, you'll never need to think about buying or wasting your hard-earned money on paper shredders.

Our drop-off service is often your cheapest option for homes and businesses in the Waltham, MA area. Larger volume of old personal documents, X-rays and medical files may be better served by one of our other services, such as our secure Off-Site Service:

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Handling shredding projects that range from the miniscule to massive, Neighborhood Parcel Shredders are your one-stop shredding shop. To get a FREE quote on any of our available shredding services, simply give us a call today at (978) 636-0301, or get a free shredding service quote.

At Neighborhood Parcel, we strive to deliver the most secure service to protect your identity while providing a 100% recycling option to protect our environment. Unlike the UPS stores, Staples and Shredit, Neighborhood Parcel of Waltham MA is a locally owned and operated business since 2007, a proud member of the local Chamber Of Commerce and an A+ Rated Business by the local Boston BBB. But must importantly-this is critical- we shred daily and we do not hand out your documents to unvetted third-party vendors. Our shredding service is HIPAA compliant and meets the latest Massachusetts privacy law requirements.

Your service was exactly what I needed! I am thankful for your help last week. The boxes were so heavy for me and your staff was kind to help this old lady with the drop-off at your Tewksbury MA facility. The drive from Essex St in Waltham was worth the time and the money. It is for sure cheaper than operating my own office shredder. I received my certificate of destruction as promised.  A+ Service.

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