Medical Shredding Service

How To Shred Medical Records In Metro Boston MA

Local Medical doctors and practices should include regularly-scheduled shredding as a part of their standard day-to-day protocols. Regularly scheduled shredding of patient’s records and X-rays helps keep companies to comply with HIPAA rules and standards. It also helps protect the sensitive patient information also refer to as PHI documents.

The shredding medical records include more than just paper documents and billing statements. Patient’s X-rays and electronic records – including hard drives and other electronic storage media – should also be destroyed in a secure manner before they are purged. Any medical equipment capable of storing sensitive patient information, such as EEG machines, CT scanners, among others, should also be properly destroyed before the final disposal.

The secure shredding and destruction are accomplished by partnering with a service vendor like Neighborhood Parcel of Boston MA. The company is certified in document shredding and medical media destruction services. We provide all safeguards necessary for medical facilities, including locked bins and witnessed shredding service. Additionally, Neighborhood Parcel will provide medical entities with proof of destruction in compliance with the latest HIPAA and Massachusetts privacy laws.

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Confidential, Off-Site Medical Shredding Service

Your Medical records and X-rays are one of the primary targets for identity thieves everywhere. You must protect your client’s privacy and help ensure their peace of mind with the secure off-site destruction of medical charts and billing records.

U.S Congress recognized the need for national medical record privacy standards in 1996 when they enacted the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Under HIPAA, your old medical records also known as “Protected Health Information” (PHI) must be properly shredded prior to the final disposal. Neighborhood Parcel of Boston MA ensures compliance and a proper HIPAA audit trail for all your discarded PHI by issuing a Certificate of Destruction to your medical practice following each service call. To get started on your medical document purge or regular monthly service, call us today at (978)636-0301.