Shredding On Sunday. Who Knew

off-site shredding
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My neighbors were surprised to see your truck in my neighborhood. The Sunday service is great because I was off from work and had time to purge my old documents. This is a great program and I salute you for accommodating me.

Love Your Truck

off-site shredding
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I love the artwork on your truck. I love the service even more. George, thank you for helping me with this purge. The documents were taking all my garage space. After your truck left, I was so happy to park my car in the garage and did my happy dance!

I Point You Shred!

off-site shredding
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I had a storage space full of old documents from my Accounting Firm. I was so afraid that it was going to cost me a fortune but this company saved my life and budget. They don't Nickel and Dime you like Iron Mountain and Shredit. Their rates are posted on the website and they are very honest. Trust me Ii did my homework. A+ for Honest Pricing

Anyone can claim that they have secure off-site shredding service. How do you really know that your documents and client’s personal information is handled safely and in a secure manner? Do you rely on fancy website or security seals? Or do you rely on someone who has been trusted for all document shredding for over a decade? Don’t take our word for it, see what sets us apart from the other guys when it comes to handling your personal information and confidential documents.


Our company received an A+ Audit Certification from local Chamber of commerce, the rating is the highest possible level of security a company can achieve. It measures the process of shredding your documents from the time we take custody until it is shredded and recycled is secured and meet or exceeds State and Federal Privacy laws.


Off-Site Shredding Features:

Neighborhood Parcel received A+ Certification in December of 2011, because of our techniques and dedication to your document security. Some of the reasons why we got certified and received backing from the Boston North Business Chamber AKA BNBA. Some of the factors that contributed to the A+ Rating Are:

  • We conduct background checks prior to hiring new employees.
  • We conduct a criminal record search on a county-by-county basis in each county the new employee has resided in the previous seven years.
  • We verify employment of new applicants for the previous seven years.
  • Conduct drug screening on new employees at the time of hiring and random drug screening of all employees.
  • Require new employees to sign confidentiality agreements.
  • Require drivers to meet all applicable licensing requirements.
  • Secure all customer materials from unauthorized access before destruction.
  • Ensure all customer materials are contained during file transfer from customer custody to destruction vehicle to prevent loss from wind or other atmospheric conditions.
  • Maintain written policies and procedures for drivers and assisting employees.
  • Require employees to wear uniforms and picture ID badges.
  • Ensure all customer materials remain secured and in the control and custody of our company until destroyed by shredding equipment.
  • Require all our vehicles to meet USDOT regulations and have lockable cabs and cargo areas.
  • Require all paper shredded meets OEM specifications of 5/8” cutter width or less
  • Maintain general liability insurance of $1 million
  • Conduct comprehensive third party background checks on owners and officers of our own company.

The most trusted, secure, compliant and cost-effective paper shredding services available in the Boston Massachusetts area and throughout Middlesex, Essex Counties. When you combine 100% Secure shredding service with low flat rates, you get the satisfaction of knowing that you got the best value for your money. The Paper shredding process is labor intense and costly, our efficient equipment, routing system, and low overhead allow us to compete and beat all other estimates. Guaranteed.

We've got the perfect package for you

No company is too big or too small for us



For Small Quantity


  • Drop-Off
  • Per Lbs Rate
  • No Minimums
  • No contracts
  • No Appointments


The Favorite


  • Drop Off
  • Per Box Rate
  • Minimum Of 10 Boxes
  • Small Boxes
  • 15" x 10" x 10"


For Small Businesses


  • Drop Off
  • Per Box Rate
  • Min Of 10 Boxes
  • Bankers Box
  • 24" x 15" 10"

Pick Up fee

Within 30 Miles


  • Pick Up Fee
  • Fuel Surcharge Included
  • Ground Level Pricing
  • 7 Days A Week
  • $1.5 / Miles over radius

(*) Ground Level Pricing
(*) Pick Up Fee for Zone 1: within 30 Miles Of MA 01876