Is There Paper Shredding Service Near Me in the Boston Area?

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Office paper shredders are more of a nuisance these days than a utility for your office. Not only that they are noisy, they often generate dust, overheat frequently and a total waste of time and money! So, Is there a professional shredding service near me?” If so, and you’re located in the Boston MA metro area, then you should call the Pros at Neighborhood Parcel Media Destruction, they have some good news for you! They offer secure document shredding service for the Boston MA and Southern New Hampshire metro areas.

How To Shred Personal Records

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If you are like me, you must have no storage space left or paying extra to store those old file boxes! I closed my personal medical practice years ago and I had to hold on to the patient's records for a minimum of 7 years. Because of the small apartment space, I had in Boston, Real Estate was at a premium and I was forced to rent a storage space in Newton MA and paid over $200 / Mont

Documents You Should Shred

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Identity theft can happen to anyone and in many forms. One of the most frequent forms, that is quite prevalent but can be prevented to safeguard your identity is the procurement of sensitive documents from your wastebasket and municipal garbage collection.

I Hate My Personal Office Shredder

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My Love-hate relationship with my personal office shredder started a while back while I was working at Medical Firm in Boston MA. As the junior rep, I was always assigned to shred medical records and patient's files. The office manager thought that having us shred documents and X-rays were saving the practice money, but she was wrong!

3 Things Your Personal Shredder Won't Do

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If you are like me and have been relying on your office personal shredder to destroy your old records and protect your identity, then you must know how time absorbing this task can be. In addition to the noise and the constant blood boiling paper jams!

Best Shredding Service Company In MA and NH

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Neighborhood Parcel is regulatory compliant with the Massachusetts Privacy Law 201 CMR 17.00Standards for the Protection of Personal Information of the Commonwealth; and the Federal standards: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). We also comply with American Recovery & Revitalization Act (ARRA), Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act.  Our shredding services help promote public awareness about identity theft and fraud prevention.

Office Paper Shredders Are Useless!

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If your office paper shredder is driving you crazy or just simply can not stand the constant jamming and the noise then you should consider having a shredding service company handle your document destruction. At Neighborhood Parcel Document Shredding division, we strive to offer a balanced service portfolio that offers security and value for your money.

Where Can I Drop-off My Documents For Shredding

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How To Drop Off Your Old Documents For shredding service in Boston MA, Cambridge MA, Waltham MA, Lowell MA, Tewksbury MA, Newton MA, Worcester MA. Drop off shredding location details and our transparent shredding rates can be found here.

Medical Shredding Service

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How To Shred Your medical Files, X-rays, and Billing statements safely and on a budget? Help your office comply with the latest HIPAA rules and requirements to safeguard patient’s records. Neighborhood Parcel of Boston MA has over a decade of experience in proper handling of patient’s files to ensure compliance with both State and Federal Privacy laws at the lowest rates possible, featuring no minimums, no long-term contracts and 7 days a week service.

Best Shredding Service Company Near Me In Boston MA

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Neighborhood Parcel provides a complete array of shredding services throughout Boston, Newton, Brookline, Cambridge, Framingham, Waltham, Woburn, Wilmington, Tewksbury, Andover, Lawrence, Lowell, Billerica, Dracut and Chelmsford MA.